Are spiders in Thailand poisonous?

How do you tell if you were bitten by a poisonous spider?

The bite feels like a pinprick, so you may not notice it. The first signs might be small, red marks with some swelling. Within an hour, it’ll hurt a little more, and the pain might spread to your back, belly, and chest. You might have stomach cramps, and your belly might feel a little stiff.

What colors are poisonous spiders?

There are also a number of poisonous spiders that are grey, dirty white or brownish grey in color. They include the Grey Widow Spider (Latrodectus geometricus), sometimes also called the Brown Widow Spider, found in North America. They carry a similar neurotoxin as the Black Widow but delivers less toxin.

How long do Thailand black tarantulas live?

Lifespan : males live 2-3 years and die soon after reaching sexual maturity. Females can live up to 12 years. Caging :You can keep this species in a 5 or 8 gallon enclosure as adults , Slings can be kept in a pill bottle and moved up to a deli cup as they grow.

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