Best answer: Can I buy iPhone in Indonesia?

Can we buy iPhone in Indonesia?

Because it has different models for different countries. Indonesia may not have the part for an U.S iPhone.

Why is iPhone so expensive in Indonesia?

Factors such as shipment export costs, taxes and other miscellaneous fees charged by the government contributed to the phone being more expensive in the country compared to the United States. In fact, the study showed that iPhones in Indonesia will be one of the most expensive all over the world.

How much does iPhone 11 cost in Indonesia?

The iPhone 11 Pro will be sold at Rp 18,499,000 for 64GB, Rp 21,799,000 for 256GB and Rp 25,799,000 for 512GB.

In which country iPhone 11 Pro is cheapest?

Basically, the cheapest countries to buy iPhone 11 Pro 256GB are Japan (US$1,077.05), Russia (US$1,319.3), Mexico (US$1,280.08), Thailand (US$1,176.32), and United States (US$1,258.16).

Price Deal

Country Price
1 Japan 10% VAT -10% US$1,077 ¥122,800
2 Russia 20% VAT -12% US$1,466US$1,319 103.990 ₽

Are iPhones cheaper in US?

The US remains the cheapest place to buy the iPhone 12 but the pricing does not include sales tax. Even if you include sales tax, the iPhone 12 will still cost less in the US. … Higher pricing of iPhones outside India isn’t a new thing, as many Apple devices cost less in countries like the US and Japan.

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