Best answer: How many train lines are there in Singapore?

How many metro lines are there in Singapore?

This is the rail life

Today, more than 130 stations across six MRT lines span the island. This 200km system has over three million daily ridership. In addition, there are more than 40 stations across two LRT lines and this 28km system has over 200 thousand daily ridership.

How many LRT are there in Singapore?

Light Rail Transit (Singapore)

Number of lines 3
Number of stations 41 (excluding Teck Lee)
Daily ridership 208,000 (2019)

How many lines are there in the MRT system?

Officially launched in 1988, the MRT system currently comprises four main lines: North-South, East-West, North-East and Circle. Additional lines are in the process of construction.

What are the different LRT lines?

Currently, the line consists of 20 stations and runs on 19.65 kilometers (12.21 mi) of fully elevated route.

LRT Line 1 (Metro Manila)

LRT Line 1
Depot(s) Baclaran Zapote (future)
Rolling stock LRTA 1000 class LRTA 1100 class LRTA 1200 class LRTA 13000 class (by 2021)
Daily ridership 453,000 daily (2018)
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