Best answer: How many Vietnamese live in Poland?

Are there a lot of Vietnamese in Poland?

The Vietnamese-Polish community is the fourth-largest Vietnamese community in the European Union, after Vietnamese people in France, Vietnamese people in Germany and Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic, although its numbers are difficult to estimate, with common estimates ranging from 50,000 to 60,000.

Where are most immigrants in Poland from?

The majority of immigrants in Poland in 2020 were from Ukraine (33 thousand immigrants), an decrease of five percent compared to the previous year.

How many immigrants are in Poland?

The number of immigrants in Poland reached over 13.3 thousand in 2020 and decreased by more than 27 percent compared to the previous year.

How many Vietnamese are there in Czech Republic?

According to the latest figures provided by the Czech Statistical Office, there are currently around 62,000 Vietnamese people living in the Czech Republic. Following the Slovaks and Ukrainians, they are the third-largest minority in the country.

Is Vietnamese spoken in Czech Republic?

Vietnamese and Belarusian became officially recognised as minority languages in the Czech Republic in 2013, which included the right to use those languages in courts and public places as well as in broadcast radio and television. The Czech Republic signed the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in 2000.

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Why are there so many Vietnamese in Germany?

Nowadays. The new group of Vietnamese migrants that have come in recent years are mainly coming because of educational and economic reasons. This new group is young and mainly come from Central Vietnam. Illegal Vietnamese immigration has also increased throughout the years.