Best answer: Who does Myanmar trade with?

What countries do Myanmar trade with?

In 2019, Myanmar major trading partner countries for exports were China, Thailand, Japan, United States and Germany and for imports they were China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Who does Myanmar import from?

Myanmar imports from China worth US$ 6,447 million, with a partner share of 34.64 percent. Myanmar imports from Singapore worth US$ 3,392 million, with a partner share of 18.22 percent. Myanmar imports from Thailand worth US$ 2,196 million, with a partner share of 11.80 percent.

Does the US trade with Myanmar?

Burma is currently our 85th largest goods trading partner with $1.4 billion in total (two way) goods trade during 2020. Goods exports totaled $339 million; goods imports totaled $1.0 billion. The U.S. goods trade deficit with Burma was $688 million in 2020.

What are the imports and exports of Myanmar?

Myanmar Exports and Imports of Product Groups 2019

Myanmar Raw materials imports are worth US$ 596 million, product share of 3.20%. Myanmar Intermediate goods exports are worth US$ 3,234 million, product share of 17.86%. Myanmar Intermediate goods imports are worth US$ 6,137 million, product share of 32.98%.

What does Singapore import from Myanmar?

“Singapore is one of Myanmar’s trading partners. Singapore imports fruits such as Sein Ta Lone (mangoes) and muskmelons from Myanmar. Delivery time from Myanmar to Singapore is just a week. Singapore’s population is small so we cannot sell a lot (to them) but their consumption and spending power is high.

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What is the main export product of Burma?

The 5 biggest exported goods from Myanmar by value are petroleum gases, unknitted and non-crocheted men’s suits or trousers, dried shelled vegetables, unknitted and non-crocheted women’s clothing and refined copper. Combined, Myanmar’s 5 most valuable exports accounted for 45.8% of the country’s overall exports.

What is Myanmar biggest import?

Imports The top imports of Myanmar are Refined Petroleum ($2.98B), Broadcasting Equipment ($1.09B), Heavy Synthetic Cotton Fabrics ($709M), Synthetic Filament Yarn Woven Fabric ($672M), and Light Rubberized Knitted Fabric ($580M), importing mostly from China ($12.3B), Thailand ($4.24B), Singapore ($3.43B), Indonesia ($ …

What products does Myanmar produce?

Myanmar’s agricultural industry can be divided into three sectors: crop production, livestock, and fishing. In terms of Myanmar’s main crop production, it is renowned for its production of rice, sugar cane, and dry beans, among other vegetables. Interestingly, Myanmar was once the biggest exporter of rice in Asia.