Can you fly from Australia to Bangkok?

Can you travel to Bangkok right now?

All travelers need to apply for a “Thailand Pass” prior to their journey and are subject to two required Covid-19 tests: the first test upon arrival by an RT-PCR method, the second test on Day 6-7 with a self-testing Antigen Rapid Test. … After that, they are free to travel in the country.

When can Australians fly to Thailand again?

Thailand’s borders will open to travellers from select “safe” countries from November 1, including Australia. Visitors must show proof of vaccination and show two negative Covid-19 PCR tests, one prior to travel and one on arrival. Insurance with coverage for Covid-19 is also mandatory.

Can I go to Thailand from Australia?

The new freedoms also mean that fully vaccinated Australian permanent residents and citizens can leave the country for any reason without asking the government for an exemption from a travel ban that has trapped most at home since March 25, 2020.

Does Thailand require Covid vaccinations?

COVID-19 in Thailand

Do not travel internationally until you are fully vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated, there are additional recommendations to follow before, during, and after travel.

Can you transit through Bangkok airport Covid?

– Travellers must undergo COVID-19 testing whilst in quarantine. … – With the exception of the sealed route to Koh Samui, travellers cannot transit to other domestic destinations at Bangkok International Airport as domestic transfers are currently not permitted.

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When international flights will open in Thailand?

Thailand To Open And Drop Quarantine For Tourists from 45 Countries on November 1. Some islands of Thailand are open to tourists from all countries. Travelers must be fully vaccinated and be able to provide a negative COVID-19 test.

Can I fly to Thailand from Melbourne?

When flying to Thailand from Melbourne, you can fly out of Melbourne Airport or Avalon Airport. … You’ll find that most flights from Melbourne to Thailand will be landing at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok.