Frequent question: Does Singapore have golf courses?

How many golf courses are there in Singapore?

Singapore has 14 private golf courses and three public golf courses, taking up 1,500ha of land, or about 2 per cent of the Republic’s total land area.

Is golf popular in Singapore?

That was more than two decades ago, but these days golf is a lot less popular. …

Is golf expensive in Singapore?

Green fees: S$30 – S$160 (9-hole), S$40 – S$480 (18-hole) Even having a membership doesn’t let you play for free; you’ll still have to pay when you book a golf session. Green fees are priced according to many different factors, such as location, time of day, day of the week, and whether you’re playing nine or 18 holes.

Is golf an expensive sport Singapore?

Prices are very steep (~600-700) for individual lessons, but as you get more friends to join together, the costs goes down significantly. There are packages for your little ones too!

Where can I play golf in Singapore without membership?

Champions is another 9-hole public golf course you don’t need a membership to play at.

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