Frequent question: How do Filipino greet each other?

How do you greet someone in Filipino?

(ma-gan-dang a-rau) / Good day! Even though the weather is usually hot in the Philippines, it always seems like a great day to greet people. Should you want a more time appropriate phrase, greet every Filipino with “Magandang hapon!” in the afternoon, or if it’s early in the morning, say “Magandang umaga!”

What is the Filipino of greet?

Learn Philippine Greetings in different languages

Good morning Magandang umaga Maayong buntag
Good Day Magandang araw Maayong adlaw
Good afternoon Magandang hapon Maayong hapon
Good evening Magandang gabi Maayong gabii

How do Filipino men greet each other?

Filipino Greetings. In the Philippines, both men and women often greet one another by shaking hands. … When one places his or her hand on the forehead of another, this is a sign of respect. But as a rule touching, especially men touching women, is not well regarded by Filipinos.

What is po and opo?

Some of the most common words for showing respect in a Filipino household are po and opo. Both basically mean “yes” in a respectful way, rather than just saying oo, or yes normally.

Which is correct Kamusta or kumusta?

The same. nothing really. Kumusta is the correct way of saying the word.

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How do you answer kumusta ka?

Hi kamusta ka? – Hi how are you? Mabuti naman. – I’m fine.

  1. English (US)
  2. Filipino.

What is considered most respectful in Filipino culture?

Filipinos are very respectful

They have a culture of pagmamano, which is where they raise the backs of the hands of their elders to their foreheads as a sign of respect.