Frequent question: How do you get to Singapore Recreation Club?

How do I book Padang?

For reservations, call 6309 9117.

How can I join Singapore Cricket Club?

Processing and Payment

  1. Membership Application Form duly completed and signed.
  2. Photocopy of Passport/NRIC (applicant and spouse).
  3. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable).
  4. Two recently taken colour Passport-size photographs (applicant and spouse – one of each).
  5. Duly completed and signed GIRO Form.

What is the meaning of Padang?

padang. / (ˈpædæŋ) / noun. (in Malaysia) a playing field.

Do they play cricket in Singapore?

The Singapore national cricket team is the team that represents the Republic of Singapore in international cricket. Singapore has been an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1974, and was a founding member of the Asian Cricket Council formed in 1983.

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