Frequent question: How much is milk tea in the Philippines?

How much does a cup of milk tea cost?

How much does it cost? Prices vary, but a 16- to 20-ounce serving of bubble tea will usually cost about $3 to $5.

What is the best milk tea brand in the Philippines?

Chatime is one of the more well-known and successful milk tea brands in the country. Their wide selection of milk teas are made with green, black, oolong, and roasted brewed teas.

How much does bubble tea cost UK?

Tealith Bubble Tea Menu Prices (UK)

Item Price Change
Original Milk Tea (Tealith Milk Tea) £3.30 – –
Chocolate Milk Tea Chocolate, assam black tea, and milk. £3.30 – –
Coconilla Milk Tea Coconut, vanilla, jasmine green tea, and milk. £3.30 – –
Strawberry Milk Tea Strawberry, jasmine green tea, and milk. £3.30 – –

What is the best brand for milk tea?

Who are the top bubble tea companies in the market?

  • Bubble Tea Supply. This bubble tea supplier was founded in 2001 in Hawaii to bring the Taiwanese drink to the United States, designing products specifically with US consumers in mind. …
  • Chatime. …
  • CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. …
  • Fanale Drinks. …
  • Fokus.

Why milk tea is popular in the Philippines?

It is a New Kind of Refreshment – Since Philippines is a hot country, Filipinos do love refreshments. Juices and Softdrinks have been there always whenever we want. Milk tea perhaps is a new taste for us. It is Suitable for Chilling and Dialogue – Most people often love to talk while drinking something.

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