Frequent question: Is Batam bigger than Singapore?

Is Batam or Bintan better?

Both these islands are well known to be touristy and not exactly your ideal island holiday. But in a pinch and you want to choose, then Bintan Island is the better choice with nicer beaches though not exactly paradise. Batam Island though is apparently cheaper but could be overcrowded.

How far is Batam island from Singapore?

The distance between Singapore and Batam is 32 km. How do I travel from Singapore to Batam without a car? The best way to get from Singapore to Batam without a car is to subway and ferry which takes 2h 2m and costs $26 – $28.

What is Bintan known for?

Bintan is famous for its high-end luxurious resorts and world class golf courses, but did you know that Bintan is also home to many beautiful and exotic beaches? Bintan is a beautiful island located as part of the Riau Archipelago in Indonesia. Its proximity to Singapore makes it famous among international tourists.

Is Singapore bigger than Batam?

Batam is approximately the same size as Singapore but with just one fifth of the people.

Is Batam poor?

Uniquely, when the poverty rate has decreased in various regions in Indonesia, the poverty rate in Batam has increased. At present, the number of poor people in Batam City is 28,674 families. Although there is a reasonably high interest in poverty, the amount of research in Batam is still limited.

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Is Batam safe at night?

Batam is generally safe during the daytime hours, but at night if you are in the entertainment areas of Nagoya you should exercise caution. Do not walk alone at night; if you want to leave somewhere and it is late, find someone else who is leaving or about to leave, or stay until it closes and then all go together.

Is Batam worth visiting?

Batam is just across the water from Singapore, so if you are looking for a weekend break to Indonesia then this is a great place to come. … The island is famous as a place where people come to relax and get away from it all and as such it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Is Batam island worth visiting?

Batam Island is the answer to many travelers and locals alike from Singapore as there are many things to do and places to visit here. … Maybe it is not the best island vacation, but it is so near it is worth to come over just over the weekend, with only 45 minutes of the ferry from Singapore to Batam Center.

Is Bintan cheap?

If you want to spend a week in Bintan the cost of your stay will be: 231 USD (3,258,000 IDR) – a cheap stay for 7 days in Bintan. … 679 USD (9,586,000 IDR) for a one week of comfortable stay in Bintan.