Frequent question: Is Philippines the best English speaking country in Asia?

What is the rank of Philippines in speaking English?

2020 rankings

2020 Rank Country 2020 Score
24 Lithuania 570
25 Argentina 566
Estonia 566
27 Philippines 571

Is Philippines the most English speaking country?

Philippines is the 3rd Largest English speaking country in the world. More than 95% of its population speaks English, which is its official language.

Which is the No 1 country in Asia?


Country Asian Rank 12-month Equity Market Performance
Japan 1 17.48%
Singapore 2 21.02
China 3 28.10
South Korea 4 28.44

Which country speaks the most correct English?

The Netherlands has emerged as the nation with the highest English language proficiency, according to the EF English Proficiency Index, with a score of 72.

What is the rank of Philippines in the world?

PH ranks 59 out of 79 countries in the 2020 Global Connectivity Index.

What rank is the Philippines in English-speaking country in Asia?

MANILA, Philippines — The Filipino people’s English competency in 2020 placed seven spots lower on a global proficiency index compared to last year. International company Education First ranked the Philippines 27th in its 2020 English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), with the country garnering a score of 562 out of 700.

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Is Philippines the second largest English-speaking country?

The Philippines is the only country to rank in the top 6 for both the numbers of English speakers and English proficiency. It has 90 million English Speakers with an EPI score of 67.4.

Why Philippines is fluent in English?

Its origins as an English language spoken by a large segment of the Philippine population can be traced to the American introduction of public education, taught in the English medium of instruction. … At the end of Spanish colonization, only 3-5% of the colonial population could speak Spanish.

Is the Philippines considered a native English-speaking country?

If you’re a citizen of a country such as India, the Philippines or the Caribbean Islands, English may well be your first language but you’re still not technically defined as a native English speaker.