How can I be Indonesian?

Can foreigners get Indonesian citizenship?

Foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens and have lived in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia for at least 5 consecutive years or 10 consecutive years, can also obtain Indonesian Citizenship by submitting a statement to become citizens before the authorized official.

How can I get nationality?

Go through the 10-step naturalization process which includes:

  1. Determining your eligibility to become an American citizen.
  2. Completing form N-400, the application for naturalization, and creating a free account to submit your form online.
  3. Taking the U.S. Naturalization Test and having a personal interview.

Can I get dual citizenship in Indonesia?

Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship, so some have given up their Indonesian citizenship to comply with the law while others have kept both their Indonesian and foreign passports.

How much does Indonesian citizenship cost?

Original proof of payment of request for a statement to become Indonesian Citizen (the application fee is set at Rp 2.500. 000,- (two million five hundred Rupiahs) per application.

Can you buy Indonesian citizenship?

Acquiring Indonesian nationality

Nationality can be acquired in Indonesia through adoption, birth, marriage, or naturalization.

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Is it difficult to get Indonesian citizenship?

Getting Indonesian citizenship is not as difficult as we think when you understand the steps. Getting citizenship in a country you’re not born in is considered a difficult thing to do.

Which country is easy to get citizenship?

Macedonia features in the list of countries where Indians easily get citizenship as one can invest US $400,000 in a local business there and employ minimum of 10 people for citizenship eligibility. The best part is it just takes 1 year for Citizenship.

How can I get nationality certificate?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. A copy of valid Foreign Passport.
  2. A copy of valid Residential Permit/LTV.
  3. Aadhaar Card.
  4. Evidence of the date of birth of the parents viz. …
  5. Declaration and Oath of allegiance as specified in the form to be made before the offices specified in the Citizenship Rules, 1955 i.e. Collector/ DM/ DC.

What countries allow easy citizenship?

How to get ‘instant’ citizenship that doesn’t cost millions

  • Antigua and Barbuda. Citizenship granted in: 90 days. …
  • ​St Lucia. Citizenship granted in: 60-90 days* [*Passport can be revoked if information given is misleading or there is a criminal record] …
  • ​St Kitts & Nevis. …
  • ​C’wealth of Dominica. …
  • Grenada. …
  • Cyprus.

How do I get residency in Indonesia?

Get a sponsorship letter from a local company. Get the recommendation from the Directorate General of Immigration. Submit required documents along with the letter and recommendation to obtain a KITAS or VITAS (Limited Stay Permit), depending on your circumstances, to the Indonesian Embassy.

How can I migrate to Indonesia?

How To Move To Indonesia The complete guide!

  1. Find A Job. …
  2. Apply For A Visa/Permit. …
  3. Get Health Insurance. …
  4. Move Your Belongings. …
  5. Register For Healthcare. …
  6. Open A Bank Account. …
  7. Transfer Money. …
  8. Learn The Language.
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What countries do not allow dual citizenship?

Countries that do not allow dual citizenship

Afghanistan El Salvador Lithuania
Austria Georgia Montenegro
Azerbaijan India Netherlands*
Bahrain Indonesia Nepal
China Japan Poland