How can we protect the environment in Malaysia?

How does Malaysia government protect the environment?

Malaysia enacted first its kind the environmental legislation in the form of the ‘Environmental Quality Act’ 1974 and has given on the charge for the first time for controlling and regulating the industrial pollution, wastewater, air pollution from factories and solid waste management problems (Malaysian Environmental …

What Malaysia do to protect the earth?

On a national level, WWF-Malaysia collaborates with palm oil plantation companies to ensure that sound environmental measures are adopted in their operational plans. As a result, forests are retained, wildlife is protected and waste from mills are retained to generate biogas instead of disposed of into waterways.

How can we protect our environment essay?

Soil conservation is yet another important way to save the Environment. For this, there must be control of landslides, floods, and soil erosion. Furthermore, there should also be afforestation and tree plantation to conserve the soil. Also, terrace farming and using natural fertilizers are some more ways.

How the Government of Malaysia can promote sustainable development?

In 2009, Malaysia formulated the New Economic Model (NEM) which further cemented its commitment to pursue sustainable development based on three goals, namely, high income, inclusivity and sustainability. … Critically, the 11MP is aligned to most of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Is Malaysia an eco friendly country?

It leads us to this question: Is Malaysia environmentally-friendly? According to an analysis on the Greenest Countries in Asia Pacific by Singapore-based research firm ValueChampion, Japan is the greenest country, followed by Singapore. … Malaysia came in at number eight, out of a total of 13 countries assessed.

Is Greenpeace Malaysia legit?

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation that uses creative, confrontational and non-violent action to uncover global environmental problems and encourage solutions that enable the realisation of a peaceful, greener future.