How did Myanmar get independence from Britain?

Why did the British and Burma separated from India?

British partitioned Burma from India in 1937 in order to weaken the Burmese nationalist movement. After the World War II, under the leadership of U Aung San, this movement reached its pinnacle, and Burma gained independence on January 4, 1948.

Who did Myanmar gain independence from in 1948?

The Burmese Declaration of Independence (Burmese: လွတ်လပ်ရေးကြေညာစာတမ်း) was officially promulgated on 4 January 1948, as a result of the Burma Independence Act 1947, which brought to an end British rule in Burma (now known as Myanmar). The date is now celebrated as Independence Day, a national gazetted holiday.

How did Myanmar gain independence?

The Burma National Army and the Arakan National Army fought with the Japanese from 1942–44, but switched allegiance to the Allied side in 1945. Following World War II, Aung San negotiated the Panglong Agreement with ethnic leaders that guaranteed the independence of Burma as a unified state.

Was Myanmar a part of India?

Myanmar (formerly Burma) was made a province of British India by British rulers and again separated in 1937.

Who led Burma Myanmar from 1988 2011?

Presidents of Burma/Myanmar (1948–present)

Name (Birth–Death) Term of office
Took office
Aye Ko အေးကို (1921–2006) Acting President 12 August 1988
7 Maung Maung မောင်မောင် (1925–1994) 19 August 1988
Union of Burma/Myanmar (1988–2011)
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Who led the fight for Burmese independence?

The leader of the Burma Independence Army were declared with Keiji Suzuki as Commander-in-Chief, with Aung San as Senior Staff Officer. When the army entered into Burma it was made up of 2,300 men and organised in the following way.

When did Burma become Myanmar and why?

The choice of names stems from the existence of two different names for the country in Burmese, which are used in different contexts. The official English name was changed by the country’s government from the “Union of Burma” to the “Union of Myanmar” in 1989, and still later to the “Republic of the Union of Myanmar”.