How did the US strategy in Vietnam change under Nixon What was the result of the change in strategy quizlet?

How did the US strategy in Vietnam change under Nixon?

Vietnamization was a policy of the Richard Nixon administration to end U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War through a program to “expand, equip, and train South Vietnamese forces and assign to them an ever-increasing combat role, at the same time steadily reducing the number of U.S. combat troops”.

Which of the following was a result of the outcome of the Vietnam War?

The result of the Vietnam War was communist control of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The Việt Cộng was a political organization and army in South Vietnam and Cambodia that fought the United States and South Vietnamese governments during the Vietnam War, and emerged on the winning side.

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What impact did the events of 1970 and 1971 have on Nixon’s action in Vietnam?

What impact did the events of 1970 and 1971 have on Nixon’s actions in Vietnam? Nixon administration never made an iron-clad pledge as to the inviolability of Soviet hegemony.

What strategies did the US use in the Vietnam War?

American tactics in Vietnam can be summed up by the acronym BEAST – Bombing, Escalation, Air and artillery, Search and destroy and Technology.

What did Nixon do in Vietnam War?

Nixon provided the South Vietnamese army with new training and improved weapons and tried to frighten the North Vietnamese to the peace table by demonstrating his willingness to bomb urban areas and mine harbors. He also hoped to orchestrate Soviet and Chinese pressure on North Vietnam.

What was the military strategy of the United States in Vietnam what were the US aims in that conflict Why did the United States ultimately fail in Vietnam?

The U.S. was attempting to keep Communism from spilling over from North Vietnam to South Vietnam (one of the other posters referenced the “Domino Theory,” which suggested that if one country became Communist, another could become Communist, and so on and so forth, like toppling dominoes).

What was a result of the Vietnam War quizlet?

What was the outcome of the Vietnam war? South Vietnam surrendered to North Vietnam and united as a communist country.

Which of the following best describes the final outcome of the Vietnam War?

Most of the world was in agreement with what the United States had done in Vietnam. Which describes the final outcome of the Vietnam War? Hanoi fell to the South and the nation was unified under democratic rule. A line of demarcation was established between the North and the South.

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How did the Vietnam War influence the foreign policy of Richard Nixon quizlet?

During the Vietnam War, the Nixon Doctrine was created. It stated that the United States would honor its exisiting defense commitments, but in the future other countries would have to fight their own wars without support of American troops.

What was the impact of Vietnamization on the United States?

Vietnamization drastically cut America’s involvement in Vietnam and allowed for thousands of U.S. troops to come home. The shootings sparked heated debate as well as the resurgence of “hardhats.”

Why did Nixon order the bombing of Hanoi What was the impact on the city?

In 1972 Nixon was warned that a victory in Vietnam was unobtainable. … In an effort to put pressure on North Vietnam to withdraw its troops, Nixon ordered a new series of air-raids on Hanoi and Haiphong. It was the most intense bombing attack in world history.