How do I care for my rosemary plant in the Philippines?

What is rosemary in Filipino?

Translation for word Rosemary in Tagalog is : romero.

Can rosemary survive hot weather?

This shrub likes warm weather and moderate humidity levels. Most rosemary varieties can’t survive temperatures below 30 degrees, but they have good heat tolerance. They prefer temperatures between 55 degrees and 80 degrees.

Can rosemary grow in hot weather?

Rosemary is the most adaptable and heat tolerant of Mediterranean herbs; it can be grown as a perennial where soil doesn’t freeze hard in winter. … Thyme is a top cooking herb, although too much summer rain can lead to mildew and leaf blight.

Why is my potted rosemary dying?

If your potted rosemary is dying, a few main reasons are lack of light, under or overwatering. Always make sure that your potted rosemary has enough drainage holes on the bottom to prevent waterlogged soil. Indoor rosemary is more susceptible to dying because they don’t get as much light.

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