How do you set a table for Thai dinner?

What cutlery do Thai people use?

In Thailand, spoons and forks are used (never knives). If you need to cut things, use the side of your spoon first, then move on to the fork if necessary.

Why do Thai eat with spoon and fork?

As well, you might notice that the Thais use the spoon & fork to eat most everything! … Typically, the spoon is used to scoop up the food off the plate or bowl and into your mouth, while the fork is used to help guide the food onto the spoon.

Do you use chopsticks for Thai food?

Utensil Etiquette Summary

The Thais only use chopsticks to eat Chinese-style noodles in a bowl. Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, Pad Kee Mao, Rad Na or any other noodle dish served in a flat plate will also be eaten with fork and spoon. Do not ask for a knife. Everything in Thai food is normally bite-sized.

What utensils are used in Thailand?

Below are the tools once (and in most cases, still) considered essential to the traditional Thai kitchen.

  1. Mortar and pestle (khrok sak) …
  2. Coconut shredder (kratai kood maprao) …
  3. Sticky rice basket (gratib) …
  4. Wok (grata) …
  5. Straw basket for steaming sticky rice (huad neung khao niew) …
  6. Cleaver (ee-to) …
  7. Chopping block (kieng)
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What cutlery do you eat curry with?

Well, when we eat curry somehow the rice will become wet right. So we need to use the fork to help the rice to go on the spoon. If you use only spoon it’s going to be a bit hard to get all of the rice.

Is it rude to use a fork in Japan?

The Japanese consider this behavior rude. If the food is too difficult to pick up (this happens often with slippery foods), go ahead and use a fork instead. … It is considered rude to pass food from one set of chopsticks to another. Family-style dishes and sharing is common with Asian food.

Which country uses fork spoon?

In some Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, spoons and forks are the primary utensils found on the table. They are even used to cut food, since knives have no place at the table.

When did Thailand get the fork?

The Thai’s use of fork and spoon started in the 19th century under the reign of King Rama IV. It may seem remarkable, at first, that despite being the only country in the immediate region to NOT be colonised by a Western power that Thailand has this indelible Western mark on their food culture.