How does car insurance work in Thailand?

Is car insurance expensive in Thailand?

It is up to 80,000 baht for injury and 300,000 baht for death–if it’s not the driver’s fault. When the driver is the cause of the accident, the coverage decreases to 30,000 baht for injury and 35,000 baht for death. Por Ror Bor costs around 650 baht a year for a normal car.

Do you need car insurance in Thailand?

It is a legal requirement in Thailand for cars to have Compulsory Motor Insurance (CMI or Por Ror Bor). This insurance is required by law with a set premium and cover rates. It only covers third parties and passengers.

What does your car insurance cover you for?

It covers you, your car and any others involved in an accident. It includes all the cover of a third party fire and theft policy, but also protects you as a driver and might pay out for damage to your car. It might also include compensation for medical treatment, legal expenses and accidental damage.

How much is car insurance in Thailand?

Compulsory Third-Party Liability Insurance is known as Por Ror Bor. This type is required for all cars and motorcycles that are registered in Thailand. It is the minimum requirement under the Road Protection Act and a policy costs around 650 Baht per year for a regular vehicle.

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How much is car tax in Thailand?

Tax depends on the make and model of your car and can be between 800-10,000 baht per year. If it is a new car, your car dealer will be able to tell you in more detail how much tax you will be expected to pay.

Can foreigners drive in Thailand?

If you are not a resident (you are on a tourist visa or exemption of visa), you need an international driving permit (IDP) to be able to drive in Thailand. An international driving permit (IDP) can be obtained in your home country. …

Can tourists drive in Thailand?

Driving in Thailand can be done by tourists as long as you hold a valid driver’s license in English from your country of origin or a valid International driver’s license. In Thailand, vehicles drive to the left hand side of the road and speed limits are expressed in kilometres per hour.

What do I need to drive in Thailand?

If you would like to drive, either vehicle or motorcycle, while visiting Thailand, you are required by law to hold an international driving license. When asked for, you need to show your international driving license along with your passport and national driving license.