How does unemployment affect the Philippines?

How does unemployment affect the society?

The impacts of unemployment on families include poverty and hardship, strained relationships, poorer health (although the causal relationships are not always clear), and housing stress. Unemployment could also harm children’s development and employment futures.

How does unemployment affect the nation?

Unemployment affects the unemployed individual and his family, not only with respect to income, but also with respect to health and mortality. Moreover, the effects linger for decades. The effects of unemployment on the economy are equally severe; a 1 percent increase in unemployment reduces the GDP by 2 percent.

What are the causes of unemployment in Philippines?

Unemployment in the Philippines is attributed to reasons including overpopulation, oversupply of labour force on certain industries and the inability to take on available jobs.

What is the cause and effect of unemployment?

effects of unemployment include over exploitation of available labor, reduced rate of economic growth, reduced human capacity, loss of human resources and increase in poverty levels (Dawson 101). One positive effect of unemployment is the availability of adequate labor at reduced market prices.

What are four effects of unemployment?

The personal and social costs of unemployment include severe financial hardship and poverty, debt, homelessness and housing stress, family tensions and breakdown, boredom, alienation, shame and stigma, increased social isolation, crime, erosion of confidence and self-esteem, the atrophying of work skills and ill-health …

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What are the negative effects of unemployment benefits?

A side-effect of unemployment benefit programs is that they may encourage people receiving benefits to search less intensively for a new job than they would have otherwise, for two reasons. The first is that the gain of finding a job is lower for someone receiving benefits, at least during the maximum benefit period.

What are the bad effects of unemployment?

It has following bad effects:

  • (i) Exploitation of labour:
  • (ii) Industrial disputes:
  • (iii) Political instability:
  • (iv) Social problem:
  • (v) Increase in poverty:
  • (vi) Loss of human resources:

What are the results of unemployment in any country?

For the individual, unemployment can cause psychological distress, which can lead to a decline in life satisfaction. It can also lead to mood disorders and substance abuse. … The national average belies the deepness of unemployment in certain parts of the country. In some communities, it is as high as 60%.

Who is most affected by unemployment?

Here we reveal the facts. More people who are unemployed are middle to mature aged (41% of recipients aged 25-44 and 48% over 45) than most people think (Figure 1). Many have dependent children (11% are sole parents, while others are partnered with children).