How far is it from Bangkok to Vietnam?

How long is a flight from Thailand to Vietnam?

Average direct flight time is 1 hours 32 minutes.

The fastest direct flight from Thailand to Vietnam is 1 hours 32 minutes.

How many hours Bangkok to Vietnam?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Vietnam and Bangkok is 841 km= 523 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Vietnam to Bangkok, It takes 0.93 hours to arrive.

Is there a train from Bangkok to Vietnam?

No, there is no direct train from Bangkok in Thailand to Hanoi in Vietnam. You can travel by train from Bangkok to Nong Khai in Thailand. Nong Khai is only about 20 km from Vientiane in Laos.

How do I get from Bangkok to Vietnam?

The quickest way to get from Bangkok to Vietnam is to fly which costs ฿3500 – ฿12000 and takes 4h 2m. How far is it from Bangkok to Vietnam? The distance between Bangkok and Vietnam is 858 km. The road distance is 859.6 km.

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Can I fly from Thailand to Vietnam?

With the departure from the destination of Bangkok – Thailand, each airline will have the specific flying time: Vietnam Airlines has the shortest flying time (1h20′). … It takes about 7 hours from Bangkok to Hanoi and 6.5 hours from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City.

Is there a train from Thailand to Vietnam?

If you want a train tour from Thailand to Vietnam, you can take a train from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, to Aranya Prathet, most frequented port in Thailand near Cambodia, and then head to Vietnam. … To leave from Phnom Penh to Vietnam, you can debus at Ho Chi Minh, one of the toptourist destinations in Vietnam.

How long does it take to fly from Vietnam to Bangkok?

1 hour and 35 minutes is the average flight time from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok.

How long is bus from Thailand to Vietnam?

Thailand to Vietnam bus overview

The distance from Thailand to Vietnam is about 1048 km, which takes you around 10 to 15 hours. Especially, the route goes through both Laos and Cambodia; thus allowing you to see some more fascinating tourist attractions outside Thailand and Vietnam.

Is Thailand cheaper than Vietnam?

Overall. Overall, the cost of living in Vietnam is lower than Thailand, even in a major city such as Ho Chi Minh City. As an expat, you can expect to pay about 20 to 30% less than you would in Thailand, although not everything will be more affordable.

How much is train from Bangkok to Cambodia?

What is the most cost-effective way to get from Bangkok to Cambodia? The cost-effective way to get from Bangkok to Cambodia is to train, which costs ฿300 – ฿1500 and takes 16h 4m.

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How do I get from Bangkok to Cambodia?

You can get from Bangkok to Cambodia by bus, plane, or taxi. You can also rent a car without a driver. Travel by bus from Bangkok to Cambodia takes 11 hours and costs from $24. Flights are more expensive (from $77), however this travel option is quite fast – it takes just 1 hour 10 minutes.

How do I get from Thailand to Cambodia?

How to get from Thailand to Cambodia – The easy way from Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Wake up early (very early) …
  2. Take the train to Aranyaprathet. …
  3. Take the tuktuk to the border Thailand-Cambodia. …
  4. Cross the Thai border. …
  5. Get your Cambodia visa on arrival. …
  6. Take the free shuttle to the bus station. …
  7. Enjoy the ride to get to Siem Reap.

Do you need a visa to travel from Thailand to Vietnam?

As a citizen of this country, you are required no entry visa for a stay of maximum 30 days in Vietnam. … If staying longer than 30 days in Vietnam, Thai passport holders need to get a visa.

How safe is it in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a friendly and safe place to travel. With a sprinkling of common sense, your trip should be smooth and trouble free. Tourists usually complain about over-aggressive street vendors, tour operators with a bad attitude and dangerous driving.

How long is the bus ride from Cambodia to Vietnam?

The best way to get from Cambodia to Vietnam is to bus which takes 6h 9m and costs $17 – $19.