How is the Vietnam Wall organized?

Is the Vietnam Wall in alphabetical order?

Although the names are not listed alphabetically, it is not difficult for visitors to find a name on the Memorial. The National Park Service offers these steps for locating a name: Look up the name in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Directory of Names. … Locate the line on which the name is inscribed.

How are names added to the Vietnam Wall?

2020 Name Additions and Status Changes on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Each spring, VVMF works with the Department of Defense to make updates to The Wall. If the Department of Defense determines that a service member has met the criteria for addition to The Wall, their name is added.

How many names are on the Vietnam Wall?

The two 200-feet-long walls contain more than 58,000 names. The names are listed in chronological order by date of their casualty and begin and end at the origin point, or center, of the memorial where the two walls meet. Having the names begin and end at the center is meant to form a circle – a completion to the war.

What does the W mean on the Vietnam Wall?

The list starts and ends at the vertex (apex), beginning at the date 1959 (with first two names listed from the date of July 8, 1959) and the inscription (IN HONOR OF THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES WHO SERVED IN THE VIETNAM WAR.

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Are MIA names on Vietnam Wall?

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency currently works to recover the remains of U.S. military personnel from the Vietnam War, as well as other conflicts. Of the more than 58,000 service members with names inscribed on The Wall, approximately 1,500 are still listed as Missing in Action.

What is the first name on the Vietnam Wall?

The names of Army Master Sergeant Chester Ovnand and Major Dale Buis are inscribed on Panel 1E of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall.

What does the Three Soldiers statue represent?

The sculpture’s 3 soldiers represent the diversity of the US military by including a Caucasian, African American, and Latino American whose service branch is intentionally ambiguous. Together, they face the Wall of the fallen.

How many Vietnam War memorials are there?

How many names are on the wall? The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated on November 10, 1982, with 57,939 names. Since then, 379 names have been added, for a total of 58,318 (as of Memorial Day 2017).