How long can I retain my number plate Singapore?

How long can you keep a car number plate on retention Singapore?

The fee you pay to retain a VRN depends on whether you use it on a new or existing vehicle. After you have retained your VRN, you have up to 12 months to use it. You can pay a fee to further extend its validity.

How much does it cost to retain a number plate in Singapore?

How much is the Retention fee? Once a buyer is matched to your car plate number you will need to Retain your car plate number first before we can transfer it to the new buyer. The retention fee charge by the Singapore Land Authority ( LTA) is $1,300.

Can I keep my car number plate?

First, you can apply to retain a number plate which basically means you are applying to take the number plate off the vehicle and keep it. You can then keep the number plate until you are ready to use it again. … The original plates need to be retained and then, later on, reassigned to the vehicle.

How do I extend the validity of my vehicle registration?

Steps required for the renewal of Registration Certificate (RC)

  1. Obtain a Form 25 and fill in the required details.
  2. The filled and duly signed form needs to be then submitted to the RTO under which the vehicle was first registered.
  3. You might need to pay some taxes levied on the vehicle by the RTO.
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How do you extend car validity?


  1. Form 25: Duly filled up.
  2. Registration Certificate in original.
  3. Pollution Certificate.
  4. Valid Insurance Certificate.
  5. Vehicle is then to be produced before the registering authority for inspection.
  6. Re-registration Fee is to be paid at the cash counter and receipt for the same will be given.

How long is retention certificate?

The DVLA will check that the car is insured and taxed. Whether you apply by post or online, you will receive either a retention document (form V778) or a replacement log book with the vehicle’s new registration. It can take up to six weeks to receive a retention certificate.

How long does it take to remove private plate?

If you need to perform the removal by post, then you need to allow around 2 weeks for your request to be processed, and then the 4 to 6 weeks for the replacement V5C to arrive. If you have no interest in keeping the registration, then you don’t have to do anything and can let the number plate go with the vehicle.

Can I sell a retained number plate?

How much is the number plate worth and where do I sell it? The Certificate of Retention means that you are legally able to sell the licence plate. You can sell your number plate privately and ask any amount for it, but to make it easier to sell, it’s advisable to keep your asking price realistic.

How do I transfer my number plate to Singapore?

Log in with your Singpass to and go to Digital Services > Manage Registered Vehicle Numbers to use your bid VRN to replace the number on your existing vehicle. There will be a replacement fee of $321.

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