How much is a McDonald’s cheeseburger in Singapore?

How much does a cheeseburger cost at mcdonalds?

McDonald’s Menu Prices

Cheeseburger $1.00
Double Cheeseburger $1.69
Daily Double $1.99
Bacon McDouble $2.00

How much is a cheeseburger at Mcdonalds 2020?

Mcdonalds Menu Prices 2021 ❤️

Food Size Price
Mcdonald’s Menu Happy Meals Includes Kids French Fries, Side & Drink
Chicken McNuggets 4 Pc. $3.29
Hamburger $2.49
Mcdonalds Cheeseburger $2.79

What is the $1 $2 $3 menu at McDonalds?

The Menu for Every Occasion

Whether it’s the McChicken®, 4 piece Chicken McNuggets®, McDouble® or Small Fries, there’s a $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu* item for all occasions—big, small and everything in between. *Prices and participation may vary.

Does McDonalds still have 69 cent cheeseburgers?

McDonalds burger 59 cents, cheeseburger 69 cents. This offer has been around for a while, but it’s still good: every Wednesday and Sunday, McDonald’s has 59-cent burgers and 69-cent cheeseburgers. On Mondays you can order from McNuggets for 99 cents.

What is the 2 for 2 at mcdonalds?

The platform allows customers to pick any two items from a menu of four — the McDouble, the McChicken, Small Fries and Mozzarella Sticks — for $2.

What is McDonalds $3 bundle?

The $3 Bundle allows customers to get any two of the McDouble, medium French fries or the Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken for $3.

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Does McDonald’s have dollar cheeseburgers?

The Dollar Menu, which relaunched Thursday, offers eats like cheeseburgers, McGriddles and beverages for $1, $2 or $3, the company said. … The new menu will include items like the McChicken and Sausage Burrito for $1, Bacon McDouble and small McCafé drinks for $2 and a Triple Cheeseburger and the Happy Meal for $3.

How long is the Travis Scott Burger out for?

Travis Scott meal end date: how long will the Travis Scott meal be available? The Travis Scott meal in McDonald’s released on September 8th. According to media reports in People, the meal will be available until October 4th. Customers can order the meal on the app as well for $6 dollars.