How much is durian in Singapore?

How much is Musang King durian in Singapore?

Durian 26 is currently selling the Musang King at S$22 per kg, with smaller, grade B durians going for between S$15 and S$18 per kg.

How much is durian in the Philippines?

Currently, Belviz said the prevailing farm gate prices of durian in the city range between P40 to P55 per kilo, depending on the variety. Puyat, the premium type of durian, is at P55, while lower varieties range from P35 to 40.

How much does durian cost in Thailand?

Grade A durian costs around 200 Thai baht [6.37 USD] per kg.

What is the durian price in Singapore?

For now, MSW durians are priced at $22 per kg, XO durians at $16 per kg, Black Pearl durians at $15 per kg, and you can get Red Prawn and Hulu durians at $12 per kg.

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