How much is ECC in Philippines?

Do I need an ECC to leave the Philippines?

A foreigner with an immigrant or non-immigrant visa leaving the Philippines is required to get an Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC). Issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI), it certifies that you have no pending obligation with the government of the Philippines.

What is ECC in the Philippines?

Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC)

Can I get ECC at the airport Philippines?

It may be secured at the BI Main Office or in the airport upon departure. In due time, the Bureau of will come up with automated ECC Kiosks to centralize and simplify the process of issuing the ECC.

How long does the ECC last?

Pursuant to DENR AO No. 2003-30, “The ECC of a project not implemented within five years from its date of issuance is deemed expired.

What do I need to exit the Philippines?

5. What are departure requirements for emigrant Philippine citizens?

  • Unexpired passport;
  • Immigrant visa or residence card;
  • CFO-emigrant registration sticker (ERS); and.
  • Validly-issued travel ticket.

What is the meaning of ECC?


Acronym Definition
ECC Error Checking and Correction
ECC El Centro College
ECC Electronic Climate Control (Volvo)
ECC Emergency Communications Center
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What is ECC in SSS?

The Employees’ Compensation (EC) program aims to assist workers who suffer work-connected sickness or injury resulting in disability or death. The benefits under the EC program may be enjoyed simultaneously with benefits under the social security program effective June 1984. 1. 2.

What is the purpose of ECC?

For most businesses, it’s mission-critical to eliminate data corruption, which is the purpose of ECC (error-correcting code) memory. ECC is a type of computer memory that detects and corrects the most common kinds of memory data corruption.

Can I get emigration clearance certificate at the airport?

Eligible foreign visitors can now obtain their Emigration Clearance Certificates at airports upon exiting the Philippines.

How can I get ECC in the Philippines?

How to Apply for ECC Online

  1. Click here to go to ECC Online.
  2. Register first. …
  3. After registration, prepare your ECC Application. …
  4. Once qualified, fill out the online Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Checklist form.
  5. After filling out the IEE Checklist form, download and print the Order of Payment.

Can I get exit clearance in airport Manila?

You can get the ECC at the airport on the day of departure. They will allow this for being over the 6 months by a few months, and anecdotally I have been told up to under 12 months, but I can’t confirm this. I have got ECC twice at the airport, once for nearly 8 months and once for 7 months.