Is Lao and Laotian the same language?

Is Laos the same as Laotian?

Linguistically, there is no distinction between descriptors of the country, its people, its culture and so on. There is only one word: Lao. … In English however, both ‘Lao’ and ‘Laotian’ are widely used.

Why do Laos People have long last names?

This is largely based on old superstitions from times when health care was not available and there was high infant mortality, as many of these names were supposed to ward off evil spirits from claiming the child.

Is French an official language in Laos?

French returned as the sole political language after France resumed its rule of Laos and was co-official with Lao when Laos was granted self-rule in 1949, but Lao became the sole official language after independence in 1953.

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