Is Malaysia the most diverse country?

How is Malaysia a multicultural country?

Malaysia is a multicultural country constituting three major ethno-cultural groups, Malay and Bumiputera, Chinese and Indian. Owing to its diverse cultures attempts through a number of channels, politics, economics and social were made to bring about national integration.

What is the most multicultural country in the world 2021?

However, because virtually all Brazilians speak Portuguese, Gören ranks Brazil as one of the least diverse. Based on his findings, the most diverse countries worldwide are: Chad.

Most Diverse Countries 2021.

Country Suriname
Greenberg’s Diversity Index 0.7108
Neighbors’ Greenberg’s Diversity Index 0.2659
2021 Population 591,800

Is Malaysia a multiracial country?

Malaysia is a multi–ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society, and the many ethnic groups in Malaysia maintain separate cultural identities. … Their native language, Bahasa Malaysia, is the national language of the country. By definition of the Malaysian constitution, all Malays are Muslims.

Why is Malaysia so diverse?

Malaysia is an incredibly diverse country, containing many different ethnicities, languages and religions. People from each ethnicity have generally retained their ancestors’ cultural customs. … Almost all of them are Muslim, which explains why the ethnicity is commonly referred to as ‘Muslim Malay’.

What factor brought about the existence of a multiracial society in Malaysia?

The multitudes influx of Chinese and Indian immigrants into this nation during the British colonization era has brought to the emergence a multiracial society in Malaysia. A multiracial society exists when the diverse parts of living community habitats together yet differ in the same political unit.

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What is special about Malaysian culture?

Islam is Malaysia’s official religion, and all Malays are Muslim by law. About 61% of the country is Muslim, with Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism comprising most of the rest of the population, according to the CIA. Malaysia’s diversity results in an unmistakable blend of religion, food, language, and culture.