Is there a Rafflesia in the Philippines?

Where is biggest Rafflesia Philippines?

Known as “bó-o” to the Bagobo tribe and “kolon busaw” to the Higaonon tribe of Bukidnon, it has the largest flower among the Rafflesia species found in the Philippines with a diameter ranging from 52 to 80 centimeters.

Is Rafflesia endangered in the Philippines?

The Rafflesia schadenbergiana is known as “bo-o” or “kolon busaw” to the Bogobo and Higaonon tribes of Bukidnon. It is categorized as critically endangered under DENR Administrative Order No. … It is also the largest among all rafflesia species found in the Philippines, of which there are at least 10 species.

How many species of Rafflesia are there in the Philippines?

The Philippines is one of the centers of Rafflesia diversity (Barcelona et al. 2009) and is home to 13 currently recognized species (Pelser et al. 2011 onwards; Barcelona et al.

What countries have Rafflesia?

Only Rafflesia arnoldii of Sumatra, found in the Sumatran Montane Rainforests ecoregion, exceeds its dimensions slightly, becoming the largest single flower on Earth. Rafflesia is endemic in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Is Rafflesia an endangered plant?

Rafflesiaceae. At least one species (R. magnifica) is listed as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

What is the scientific name of Rafflesia Philippines?

Binomial name. Rafflesia philippensis. Blanco. Synonyms. Rafflesia banahaw Barcelona, Pelser & Cajano.

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