Question: Do Indonesians use bidets?

Which country uses the bidet the most?

In Some European Countries, Bidets Are Required By Law In Bathrooms. Bidets were first invented in France and often linked with French practices. But today, Italy ranks as the European country that loves bidets the most.

How do Indonesians poop?

Pooping In Indonesia: A How-To Toilet Guide

  1. Traditionally, you use your left hand for wiping. …
  2. To use a squat toilet, place your feet on either side of the toilet. …
  3. In tourist areas, larger bathrooms may offer an option to squat or sit. …
  4. Signs will show you which stalls are squat toilets, and which are seated.

What cultures use bidets?

Bidets are common bathroom fixtures in the Arab world, West Africa, southern European countries, and in predominantly Catholic countries, such as Italy (the installation of a bidet in a bathroom has been mandatory since 1975), Spain (but in recent times new or renewed houses tend to have bathrooms without bidets, …

Do Indonesian people use toilet paper?

Indonesian people do not use toilet paper, but they wash them-self with water (always available in WC). As well use left hand to wash themselves, while they keep the right hand to shake hands and to eat.

What are bowel movements?

A bowel movement is the last stop in the movement of food through your digestive tract. Your stool passes out of your body through the rectum and anus. Another name for stool is feces.

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What countries squat poop?

Preferences by country or region

  • Squat toilets are common in many Asian countries, including China, India and Thailand. …
  • People in sub-Saharan African countries, especially in rural areas, widely use squat toilets, for example in Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda.