Question: What are the three branches of the National Museum of the Philippines?

What are the programs of the National Museum of the Philippines?

The National Museum manages and develops the national reference collections in the areas of cultural heritage (fine arts, anthropology and archaeology) and natural history (botany, zoology,and geology and paleontology), and carries out permanent research programs in biodiversity, geological history, human origins, pre-

What is the main functions of National Museum of the Philippines?

The National Museum (NM) is tasked with the preservation, conservation and protection of movable and immovable cultural properties and for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

Who is the owner of National Museum of the Philippines?

The museum, owned and operated by the National Museum of the Philippines, was founded in 1998 and houses a collection of paintings and sculptures by classical Filipino artists such as Juan Luna, Félix Resurrección Hidalgo and Guillermo Tolentino.

National Museum of Fine Arts (Manila)

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National Museum of the Philippines

What are the goals of National Museum of the Philippines?

The primary mission of the National Museum of the Philippines is to acquire, document, preserve, exhibit, and foster scholarly study and appreciation of works of art, specimens, and cultural and historical artifacts.

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What are the functions of National Library of the Philippines?


  • Provide assistance to its clientele.
  • Maintain reading/viewing and listening room.
  • Organize the collections.
  • Recommend acquisition of multimedia materials, supplies and equipment.
  • Keep custody, preserve and safeguard the collections.

What can we see in national museum?

The museum houses four main galleries allotted to ethnology and natural history. The displays range from free-standing tableaux showing cultural events like weddings, festivals and costumes; to traditional weapons, musical instruments, arts and crafts, ceramics, and flora and fauna.

What are the main functions or tasks of the Nhcp?

The NHCP is mandated to undertake research and publication of Philippine historical works; educational activities on historical events and personages; restoration, preservation and conservation of movable and immovable objects of historical value and implementation of the National Historic Act of the Philippines (PD

What is the important role played by the museum in our being and in the society?

The traditional role of museums is to collect objects and materials of cultural, religious and historical importance, preserve them, research into them and present them to the public for the purpose of education and enjoyment.