Question: Who regulates the press in Singapore?

Is there freedom of the press in Singapore?

The government has restricted freedom of speech and freedom of the press and has limited other civil and political rights. The right to freedom of speech and association guaranteed by Article 14(1) of the Constitution of Singapore is restricted by the subsequent subsection (2) of the same Article.

Is MediaCorp owned by the government?

It is owned by Temasek Holdings, an investment company owned by the Government of Singapore.


Type Public digital media, radio, terrestrial television and satellite television broadcaster
Country Singapore
Availability Worldwide

What is the framework that Singapore adopts to regulate the media industry?

The IMDA is the statutory body responsible for broadcasting and content regulation (irrespective of the transmission medium) and the primary applicable legislation is the IMDA Act and the Broadcasting Act.

Where do Singaporeans get their news from?

Mainstream news media brands remain the most trusted news sources, with MediaCorp’s round-the-clock news network Channel News Asia (CNA) being the most trusted (79%) followed by the newspaper The Straits Times (77%) published by the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

Is media in Singapore controlled?

Singapore’s media environment is considered to be highly controlled by the government, and is dominated by two major players, Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holdings. … The industry grew at an average rate of 7.7% annually from 1990 to 2000, and the government seeks to increase its GDP contribution to 3% by 2012.

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Is there censorship in Singapore?

Censorship in Singapore mainly targets political, racial, religious issues and homosexual content as defined by out-of-bounds markers.

Is Mediacorp a good company?

Great company to work in, good superior and friendly colleagues. Caring staffs, great facilities and nice environment to work at.

Is Temasek Holdings government owned?

Temasek Holdings is a state-owned company that manages an investment fund on behalf of the Government of Singapore.

How is the Internet regulated in Singapore?

Internet Regulatory Framework

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Internet Content Providers (ICPs) in Singapore are regulated through the Broadcasting (Class Licence) Notification (98.42KB).