Quick Answer: How much does it cost to swim with whale sharks in the Philippines?

How much does it cost to dive with whale sharks?

While there are seasons of optimal viewing, like Utila, Mafia sees sharks all year long, making it an important destination for marine biological research. Booking a swim with the whale sharks costs about $60 to $100 and is possible online or in person.

Where can you swim with whale sharks in the Philippines?

In the Philippines you can swim with whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu where sightings are 100% guaranteed, but as a responsible traveller, we chose to visit Southern Leyte. The reason? They offer the best place for whale shark watching in the Philippines in a natural, sustainable way.

How much does it cost to swim with whales?

Tours like these take small groups on full day excursions to swim with the migrating whales. Many are designed to have little to no impact on the marine environment in order to best support the incredible ecosystems at Ningaloo Reef. Tours are easy to book online, and prices tend to be around $300 to $500 USD.

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How much does it cost to dive with a great white?

Cost: $300 per person, up to 6 guests per trip. Sharks Seen: Mako, Blue, Hammerhead, and Great White Shark.

When can you swim with whale sharks in Philippines?

The Whale Sharks start to arrive in November and reach their peak numbers in January. The best times for seeing them in Donsol is between April and May, which is also the “summer” vacation time in the Philippines.

Where can you ethically swim with whale sharks?

Located just outside of Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef offers an amazing opportunity to ethically interact with whale sharks. All companies have a high quality of respect for sustainable tourism at Ningaloo Reef, so you can feel confident that you’ll find an ethical company when doing your research.

How much is it to swim with whale sharks in Cebu?

Oslob Whale Shark watching rates (fees) 2019

Price for foreigners is fixed, it is 1000 pesos per person for 30 minutes snorkeling and being with the huge creations. Price includes snorkeling equipment, lifejacket and boat transfer to the sharks and back.

Is swimming with whale sharks cruel?

Despite its size and name, whale sharks do not pose any threat to humans. They are truly gentle giants. Their favourite meal is plankton that they scoop up with their colossal mouths when getting close to the surface. They are actually quite shy and docile fish, but very fast swimmers.

How much is the fare from Cebu City to Oslob?

The cheapest way to get from Cebu City to Oslob is to bus which costs ₱120 – ₱190 and takes 3h 17m.

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