Quick Answer: Is Thailand good for rhinoplasty?

Is rhinoplasty common in Thailand?

Yes! Oddly enough, Thailand is now one of the most popular destinations for people who would want to get plastic surgery procedures at a fraction of a cost. In fact, Australians opt to visit this southeastern country for cosmetic procedures as evidenced by the average 15,000 Australian visits the have each year.

Why is rhinoplasty so cheap in Thailand?

There are good reasons for this. The prices are typically a third of what they cost in Europe or the US, the medical facilities are often first-class, and Thai doctors have developed specialist expertise in some cosmetic procedures. … Most patients leave Thailand very happy with the results of their surgery.

What country is the best for rhinoplasty?

Based on statistics the rhinoplasty in Iran is performed 7 times more than the US, more than 150,000 surgery in a year. it’s enough to make Iran the capital of nose job in the world. More than 90% success rate shows that Iranian surgeons are super professional in this field because of high experience and surgeries.

Is Thailand a good place for plastic surgery?

Thailand is known for offering a range of procedures and surgeries performed by doctors that have received their training in Western nations. Many doctors also speak English well, in addition to providing high quality care. The country has become known as a destination for affordable cosmetic surgeries.

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How common is plastic surgery in Thailand?

In 2019, approximately 54.68 thousand face and head surgical procedures were performed in Thailand. Some of the most popular face and head procedures in Thailand include eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and fat grafting *face(.

How much is the nose job in Thailand?

How much does rhinoplasty (nose job) cost in Thailand? The average price of rhinoplasty (nose job) in Thailand is $3850, the minimum price is $1200, and the maximum price is $7150.

How much does plastic surgery cost in Thailand?

Here is an approximate breakdown of the cost of different types of plastic surgeries in Thailand: Rhinoplasty (Nose Job): Anywhere from under $500 to under $1,200. Breast Augmentation Surgery: Approximately between $2,700 and $5,000. Facelift: From $2,000 to $5,000.

Who does the best nose jobs in the world?

Dr. Deepak Dugar, MD has been covered all over the media in publications such as USA Today, ENews, Men’sHealth, Allure, Refinery29, Upscale Living, and The Doctors just to name a few. He is known world-wide for his specialty in Scarless Nose™ Rhinoplasty.

Why is rhinoplasty so popular in Iran?

Because of the Islamic dress code for women practiced in Iran, which leaves only their faces exposed, the nose is very prominent; thus, rhinoplasty has become the most popular plastic procedure in the country.