Quick Answer: What is Indonesia’s main export?

What are the major imports and exports in Indonesia?

Indonesia has generous natural resources, including crude oil, natural gas, tin, copper, and gold. Its key imports include machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels, and foodstuffs. Major exports include oil and gas, electrical appliances, plywood, rubber and textiles.

What is the main industry in Indonesia?

Major industrial sectors include petroleum and natural gas, textiles and apparel, mining, footwear, plywood, rubber and chemical fertilisers. The services sector is equally as important to Indonesia’s economy, accounting for 43 per cent of GDP in 2015. Agriculture on the other hand only accounted for 14 per cent.

What does Indonesia produce the most?

The major food crops, ranked by area harvested, are rice, corn, cassava, soybeans and peanuts. Indonesia is also one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of tree crops such as rubber, copra, palm kernels, palm oil, coffee, cocoa and spices (Ministry of Agriculture, 2001).

Does Indonesia export or import more?

With yearly product exports of $197 billion, Indonesia is currently ranked the 28th largest export economy in the world. The country boasts a positive trade balance of $17 billion after deducting annual imports of $180 billion from their total export value.

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What Indonesia exports the most?

Searchable List of Indonesia’s Most Valuable Export Products

Rank Indonesia’s Export Product Change
1 Palm oil +18%
2 Coal, solid fuels made from coal -23.3%
3 Gold (unwrought) +56%
4 Petroleum gases -34%

Which industry is growing in Indonesia?

Tourism. Tourism has become Indonesia’s big asset, which is why this sector has a higher return for investment. The country’s culture, scenery, unique traditional customs, and over a thousand different local languages have been attracting the world to know more about wonderful Indonesia.

What is the main occupation of Indonesia?

The economy of Indonesia is the largest in Southeast Asia and is one of the emerging market economies of the world.

Economy of Indonesia.

Labour force by occupation Agriculture: 27.7% Industry: 22.6% Services: 49.6% (2020 est.)
Unemployment 6.6% (2021 est.)

What are the major resources of Indonesia?

The most important minerals found and produced in Indonesia are tin, bauxite, nickel, gold and copper.