Quick Answer: Where is the most expensive place to live in the Philippines?

What is the most expensive place to live in the Philippines?


Makati City is the financial hub of the Philippines. Naturally, it is the richest city in the Philippines with a net worth of Php34.

Is Philippines an expensive place to live?

Based on data culled by iPrice across Southeast Asia’s six largest markets on Numeo database, the Philippines’ capital city has the second-highest rent prices, next only to Singapore. … Without rent, the total cost of living is estimated at P28,800 a month in Manila.

What is the most expensive apartment in Philippines?

[MANILA] The property units of SM Investments and GT Capital Holdings are building the Philippines’ most-expensive residential tower, where a penthouse apartment will set you back around US$7.8 million, or 600,000 Philippine pesos (S$15,872) per square meter.

Is Davao City a rich city?

DAVAO CITY – With PHP19. 784 billion in total assets last year, this city has landed the 10th spot among the richest cities in the country in 2019, according to the Commission on Audit’s (COA) Annual Financial Report (AFR) for Local Government. … 7 billion in assets, followed by Quezon City (PHP96.

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What is the most developed city in the Philippines?

Manila has been the principal city of the Philippines for four centuries and is the centre of its industrial development as well as the international port of entry.

How much does it cost to live comfortably in the Philippines?

Cost of Living in the Philippines

The Philippines has a generally low cost of living. International Living reports that you could comfortably live on $800 to $1200 a month, covering housing, utilities, food, healthcare and taxes. If you live on $800 a month, your $100,000 can spread out to about ten and a half years.

How much does it cost to live alone Philippines?

Look for a roommate or two. Moving in with the right person can lower your rental and utility expenses.


Rental type Average Monthly Cost
Studio or 1-bedroom apartment outside of city center P7,000–P24,000
Condominium-sharing P5,000–P8,000
Bedspace P2,000–P4,000

Why is it more expensive in the Philippines?

When the shipment arrives at our ports, the local consignee (the Filipino importer) is made to a pay a bevy of destination charges which are arbitrarily levied upon him. … This is one of the reasons why landed cost of imported goods are more expensive in the Philippines than they are elsewhere in the region.