What are the endangered plants in the Philippines?

What are the 10 endangered plants in the Philippines?

List of Critically Endangered species in Philippines

scientific_name common_name category
Rafflesia magnifica CR
Bubalus mindorensis Tamaraw CR
Dicaeum quadricolor Cebu Flowerpecker CR
Cycas curranii Curran’s Pitogo CR

What are the 10 most endangered plants?

Endangered Plants

  • Croton alabamensis var. …
  • Dalea reverchonii (Comanche Peak prairie clover)
  • Helianthus paradoxus (puzzle sunflower)
  • Quercus hinckleyi (Hinckley oak)
  • Salvia penstemonoides (big red sage)
  • Streptanthus bracteatus (bracted twistflower)
  • Styrax platanifolius ssp. …
  • Zizania texana (Texas wildrice)

Is there a list of endangered plants?


Scientific Name Common Name Federal Listing Status
Arabis serotina Shale barren rock cress Endangered
Arctomecon humilis Dwarf Bear-poppy Endangered
Arctostaphylos confertiflora Santa Rosa Island manzanita Endangered
Arctostaphylos franciscana Franciscan manzanita Endangered

How many plants are endangered?

There are 6147 plant species which are endangered or critically endangered. Additionally 1674 plant species (7.6% of those evaluated) are listed as data deficient, meaning there is insufficient information for a full assessment of conservation status.

Is bamboo endangered?

Up to half of the world’s 1,200 woody bamboo species are in danger of extinction, a UN report has revealed. … They found that around 600 species are ? endangered?, with less than 20,000 square kilometres of native habitat.

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