What do you do in Laos New Year?

What is important of Laos New Year festival?

Lao people have celebrated Lao New Year for thousands of years. This festive occasion is held each year from April 13 to 15. In Laos, this is the hottest month of the year and the rainy season is just around the corner. It is the time when people ask for and give each other forgiveness and receive wishes.

What do people of Laos do in New Year?

A central feature of New Year’s celebrations in Laos is the idea of cleanliness. On the 13th/14th of April, houses and villages are washed with water fragranced using flowers or perfumes, people can even expect to be soaked with water in the street.

Do Laos People celebrate Christmas?

Some people in Laos know that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, but it doesn’t mean much more to them than Buddha’s birthday. … Christians in Laos are a small minority, less than 2% of the population, but for them, Christmas is the biggest celebration of the year.

What are the arts and crafts of Laos?

Traditional Laotian handicrafts include weaving and carving. Women weave colourful cloth of cotton or silk that is worn as a long, wrap-around skirt. The intricate patterns may include gold or silver thread. The patterns depict river dragons, flowing water or a mythical creature that is part-lion, part-elephant.

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