What happened to the land during the landownership in the Philippines under Spain?

How did events in Spain affect the Philippines?

Spain colonized the Philippines from 1565 to 1898. … The Spanish landholding system based on private ownership of land replaced the Filipino system of communal landownership. Thus, when the Spanish rule ended, the Filipinos found many aspects of their way of life bearing the indelible imprint of Hispanization.

What is the land system of Spain in the Philippines?

Large blocks of land were granted to the Spanish elite who wished to settle in the Philippines, and the Filipinos on these land grants became the serfs or tenant farmers of the Spanish landlords. … This Spanish-inherited land system has led to the prominence of the Communist movement in the Philippines.

How did Spanish government distribute lands on the Filipino farmers?

The Spanish introduced sugar in the 1500s through the encomienda system, whereby lands were awarded by the colonial government to the church (friar lands) and to the local elite.

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What were the main goals of Spanish colonization in the Philippines?

Spain had three objectives in its policy toward the Philippines, its only colony in Asia: to acquire a share in the spice trade, to develop contacts with China and Japan in order to further Christian missionary efforts there, and to convert the Filipinos to Christianity.

What are the effects of colonization in the Philippines?

Manila remained the colonial capital under American rule. The influx of American officials, soldiers, teachers, and businessmen into the city led to the immediate construction and improvement of urban amenities. New roads and bridges were built. Manila’s harbor was modernized.

How has Spanish influenced the Filipino way of life?

Spanish Colonization (1565-1898)

Because Spain controlled the Philippines so early and for so long, they were a massive influence to the modern Filipino culture. The biggest influence still seen to this day is religion. The majority of religion practiced in the Philippines is still Roman Catholic, at 79.5%.

How Spaniards affect the governance of the Philippines?

It also exercised legislative and judicial powers. Spain established a centralized colonial government in the Philippines that was composed of a national government and the local governments that administered provinces, cities, towns and municipalities.

How does the Spanish influence the Philippine literature?


Ancient literature was collected and translated to Tagalog and other dialects. The Spanish language which became the literary language during this time lent many of its words to our language. … Many grammar books were printed in Filipino, like Tagalog, Ilocano and Visayan.

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How was the Philippines administered by Spain as a colony?

The Spanish accomplished little in the Philippines. … The Philippines was administered by the Viceroyalty of New Spain in present-day Mexico but in many ways the Philippines was ruled by Catholic church. Most Filipinos had little contact with the Spanish other than through the church.

How did the Spaniards and American colonizers describe and view the native Filipino?

The Spaniards and Americans colonizers describe the Native Filipinos as uncivilized. The Natives considered to be illiterate and barbarians because of their culture and practices. They were governed and controlled by the colonizers. Their religion was desecrated by the Spaniards as they were not Christians.