What is ck in Vietnamese?

What is ck in Vietnam?

ck means chồng (husband)

What does the word CK mean?

CK means “Calvin Klein,” “Chef’s Kiss,” and “Crip Killer.”

What does BX mean in Vietnamese?

“bx” stands for: bà xã meaning: wifey. Just so you know that the Vietnamese teens often call their boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife. That’s why they use a lot of ck / vk / ox / bx in their texting.

What does VG mean in Vietnam?

it is slang word of Vietnamese teenagers. so “vg” has full word is “vâng” and it means “yes”

What does CK mean in school?

[Crossref], [Google Scholar]) identified three areas of knowledge that teachers need in order to be effective. First, they need a deep understanding of content knowledge (CK).

What does CK stand for in school?

Originally, the “C” in CK-12 stood for “connect”, indicating that the material was the missing connection in K-12 education. Subsequently it took on a more open meaning, variously standing for “content, classroom, customizable, connections, collaboration“.

What does LOL mean in Vietnam?

Vietnam Championship Series

Game League of Legends
Most recent champion(s) GAM Esports (5 title)
Most titles GAM Esports (5 titles)
Qualification Promotion and relegation
Relegation to Vietnam Championship Series B
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What does Uh mean in Vietnamese?

Ohm is something between Uhm, Uh and Oh. They all mean Ok. I suggest you to use Ohm or Oh when you chat with your friends since they sound more friendly and trendy, I guess :).

What do the initials VG stand for?

Slang / Jargon (9) Acronym. Definition. VG. Very Good.

What is VG in chat?

VG means “Very Good.”