What is ShopeePay Malaysia?

Is Shopee pay safe to use?

The platform guarantees security for this digital payment as it is officially registered with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). As an e-wallet, it also enables the users to top up and withdraw.

Where can I use ShopeePay Malaysia?

ShopeePay Can Now Be Used At Selected Physical Stores Nationwide. In other words, you can now pay for your purchases with ShopeePay when you visit selected offline Shopee merchants that accept this mode of payment. Welcome! You’ve reached CIMB Malaysia’s official page.

How do I get my money from ShopeePay?

To make a withdrawal, go to your ShopeePay wallet and select Withdraw > select bank account > enter the withdrawal amount > Next > Confirm > enter your ShopeePay PIN or FaceID/TouchID. You can submit your withdrawal on the weekends/ public holidays but note that it will take 1-2 working days to be processed.

How do I get money from ShopeePay?

To Cash In your ShopeePay wallet, select ShopeePay balance on the homepage > Cash In > select your preferred payment option > complete payment. Your ShopeePay balance will reflect the Cash In amount immediately after payment is verified. You can see on this list the available cash in payment channels.

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Is it safe to pay debit card on Shopee?

We recommend using these Shopee Supported Payment Methods on all your transactions to keep your payment safe and secure to avoid any fraudulent transactions. … Buyers can pay using all locally issued Mastercard or VISA credit/debit cards, provided that they are 3DS certified, for Preferred & Shopee Mall shops.

Is ShopeePay free?

ShopeePay users get to enjoy exclusive perks such as cashback, discounts, and, this action-packed 9.9 Super Shopping Day, free money! By free money, we mean free ShopeePay credits added to your ShopeePay account.

Can I withdraw money from ShopeePay Malaysia?

You can withdraw funds from your Deposit and Refund sub-wallet on the ShopeePay page if you have already added a bank account to your ShopeePay account. … To make a withdrawal, select Withdrawal > select bank account > fill in withdrawal amount > Next > Confirm > enter your ShopeePay PIN.

Why is ShopeePay banned?

If someone (you or someone else) has entered the wrong password and/or PIN up to 5 (five) times in a row on any 1 (one) day, your Account will be blocked. To recover your blocked Account, you must contact us.

How much is ShopeePay balance?

Balance limits

ShopeePay lets you top up a balance of up to RM2,999 for unverified accounts, and up to RM4,999 for verified accounts.