What is Southeast Asia stand for?

What is the acronyms of Southeast?

noun. the point or direction midway between south and east. Abbreviation: SE. a region in this direction.

How did Southeast Asia’s location impact culture?

Southeast Asians found it easier to move by boat between different areas, and it is often said that the land divides and the sea unites. The oceans that connected coasts and neighboring islands created smaller zones where people shared similar languages and were exposed to the same religious and cultural influences.

What is the acronym of South East Asia?

acronym for Southeast Asia is SEA .

Is south east 1 or 2 words?

If I’m not mistaken, “south-east” is how it is written in British English, whereas “southeast” is the form in American English.

What is the acronym of Asia?


Acronym Definition
ASIA Asian Students in America
ASIA Asian Students in Australia
ASIA Associated Services for International Adoption (Lake Oswego, OR)
ASIA Alaska Support Industry Alliance

What makes Asia unique from the other continents?

Asia’s vast area allows for varied and extreme climates. It has some of the coldest, hottest, wettest, and driest places on Earth. While many distinct climates exist across the continent, Asia’s climate can be most generally divided into three zones: north/central, southwest, and southeast.

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Is Asean unique?

Between 1984 and 1999, five other nations, namely, Brunei Darussalam, Viet Nam, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Cambodia, joined it to make it an association of 10 states. It is unique in its essential character for it is different from the European Union (EU). Unlike the EU, ASEAN is not a supra-national organisation.

How do we define Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia, also spelt South East Asia and South-East Asia, and also known as Southeastern Asia or SEA, is the geographical southeastern subregion of Asia, consisting of the regions that are south of China, south-east of the Indian subcontinent and north-west of Australia.