What is the focus of Repertory Philippines?

What is the purpose of the Repertory Philippines?

Mission. Our mission is to produce Live Theater that is excellent, resilient, entertaining, and more importantly to champion and aid the integrity of the Filipino Artist and enrich the cultural life of the community in a sustainable manner.

Who were the founders of Repertory Philippines?

Which of the following is Repertory Philippines notable achievements because of staging in 1993?

Among Repertory’s many notable achievements was the 1993 staging of the international hit musical in Manila with an all-Filipino cast and production team.

Is known as the most professional English speaking theater in the Philippines?

Formed by five Filipino actors in 1967 and known as the “most professional English-speaking theater company in the country”, Repertory Globe Theatre is a non-stock and non-profit professional theater company that aims to create a theater industry in the Philippines that would give venue to actors, directors, designers …

What is the purpose of New Voice Company?

The NVC is one of the Philippine’s premiere theatre companies . It is driven by a vision: to produce theatre that enlightens, inspires, educates, informs and incites to action – to create theatre that becomes a powerful catalyst for change and a necessary tool for social transformation – theatre that awakens.

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What is the purpose of trumpets theater?

Triumphant People’s Evangelistic Society (Trumpets) Playshop is a performing arts company with a mission to provide a venue for people of all ages to develop their God-given talents through various training programs in the areas of performance and multimedia.

What was the first play of Repertory Philippines?

History. The Repertory Philippines was established in 1967 by Zenaida Amador and Baby Barredo. Its first production was a Tagalog-language adaptation of Miss Julie by August Strindberg which was directed by Rolando Tinio.