What is the main cause of population growth in the Philippines?

What is the main cause of population growth?

The main causes for the population growth in India is the increase in birth rate and decrease in death rates.

How is the growth of population in the Philippines at present?

The current population in the Philippines is about 110 million people. The annual population growth rate has decreased significantly since 1960 where it was 3.3% to now where it is about 1.3%. … With about 2 million people added to the population every year, the population is expected to double in about 40 years.

What are the five causes of population growth?


  • Ignorance: Education plays a very important role in the population growth control. …
  • Status of family: Fertility also depends upon the status of women. …
  • Polygamy:The tradition of polygamy at certain places in our society even today. …
  • Lack of health education:Every people know that health is very necessary.

What are the main causes of growing of the population in India?

ADVERTISEMENTS: Some of the most important causes of population growth in India are as follows: 1. Widening Gap between Birth and Death Rates 2. Low Age at Marriage 3.

Other Causes.

  • Widening Gap between Birth and Death Rates: …
  • Low Age at Marriage: …
  • High Illiteracy: …
  • Religious Attitude towards Family Planning: …
  • Other Causes:
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What is the latest population growth rate of the Philippines?

Philippines Population (LIVE)

Date Yearly Growth Rate (%)
2017 1.46
2018 1.41
2019 1.37
2020 1.35

Is the Philippines overpopulated 2021?

Despite the rise in absolute numbers, the population grew gradually to 1.31% by the start of 2021—an increase from the previous 109,480,590 at the onset of 2020. From a 1.68% population growth rate in 2016, it was at 1.45% between 2019 and 2020.

What are the different causes of sudden increase in the population in the Philippines?

These are the leading causes:

  • Poverty.
  • Poor Contraceptive Use.
  • Child Labor.
  • Reduced Mortality Rates.
  • Fertility Treatment.
  • Immigration.

What are the causes of population growth Class 7?

They are mentioned below:

  • Illiteracy: Illitrate people think that children are the gift from god. …
  • Religious Beliefs: Religious belief is the social factor that changes the population. …
  • Early Marriage: …
  • Education: …
  • Unemployment: …
  • Gender Discrimination: …
  • Source of Income: …
  • Social Customs and Traditions: