What is the most common type of media that Filipino consume?

What type of media do we have here in the Philippines?

The Philippines’ media has evolved throughout the years. The strong online presence of Filipinos has affected traditional form of media, like television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

What social media does Philippines use?

Social media penetration in the Philippines

Among social media users in the Philippines, Facebook was the most used platform, accounting for almost the entire social media market. Thanks to the Internet.org app introduced by Facebook and Smart Communications Inc.

What form of mass media do Filipinos use more often?

Television has the highest rate of daily exposure among the media for 10- to 64-year-olds in the Philippines at 81% (PSA, 2015b). Many Filipinos also perceive TV as a trusted source of information. Radio can also make a significant contribution with a daily exposure rate of 26.3% (PSA, 2015b).

How popular is social media in the Philippines?

In the Philippines alone, there were almost 74 million Facebook users as of 2019. Furthermore, it held nearly 93 percent of the country’s social media market share as of 2020.

Leading social media platforms among internet users in the Philippines in 3rd quarter 2020.

Characteristic Share of respondents
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What type of media is Philippine Daily Inquirer?

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, popularly known as the Inquirer, is an English-language newspaper in the Philippines. Founded in 1985, it is often regarded as the Philippines’ newspaper of record.

Is there WhatsApp in Philippines?

And today Philippines carrier Globe Telecom is doing just that. The telco has announced it’s extending a previous bundle it began offering last July, of free access to Viber, to include five more messaging services: Facebook Messenger, Kakao Talk, WhatsApp, WeChat and Line.

What are the media in the Philippines?

Some media outlets, such as RPN/IBC (television) and the Philippine Broadcasting Service (radio), are government-run. Most outlets are privately owned. The most widely read newspapers are the Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Mirror, and BusinessWorld.