What is the work culture like in Singapore?

What is the business culture of Singapore?

The business culture in Singapore is exceedingly competitive and is based on a strong work ethic. Westerners must learn to adapt to a different negotiation process while in Singapore. Negotiations tend to be conducted at a much slower pace than those in Western countries.

Is it good to work in Singapore?

Singapore is rated #1 as the best labour force in the world. Our clients are growing. Their need for skilled labour is increasing and the desire to use Barrington James is becoming more prevalent.

What are some cultural facts about Singapore?

Singapore’s Culture

75% of Singaporeans are ethnically Chinese, mostly from the Hokkien or Teochew communities. An estimated 6% of Singaporeans are Tamil, heralding from Southern India, and about 15% are Malay Muslims. That leaves 4% of Singaporeans with mixed or other heritage.

Is there work/life balance in Singapore?

The study, which surveyed surveyed more than 1,000 respondents across Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, found that to 73% of Singaporeans, a work-life balance meant not having to work on weekends, whilst for 69% it meant having the ability to leave work on time every day.

What is Singapore known for business?

It is also the hub for wealth management and investments in Asia. The city-state has the world’s third largest forex trading center, Singapore Exchange (SGX). The Singapore Government has played its part too in propelling the nation towards a thriving start-up ecosystem.

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