What jobs or tasks do elephants in Thailand perform?

Why can taxi seats be a problem for elephants?

The seat, typically made from wood, can severely harm the animal’s back if not fitted properly or if worn for long periods of time. For example, taxi seats have caused some elephants’ rectums and parts of their backs to swell.

How does Taso feel about playing laser tag for his birthday?

How does Taso feel about playing Laser Tag for his birthday? Taso is excited and happy to be playing Laser Tag for his birthday.

What does the author contrast with the treatment of elephants in Thai sanctuaries?

The author most likely feels that the treatment of elephants by the tourism industry is bad, but necessary. … Many tourist camps in Thailand mistreat elephants, but elephant sanctuaries are working to rehabilitate and protect them.

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What is the Great Barrier Reef Readworks?

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef on the planet. Covering more than 133,000 square miles, it is even visible from outer space. Scientists believe that the Reef is around 500,000 years old, but has shifted forms several times during its existence.

How does the city setting of this poem contribute to the mood of the poem city autumn?

Students may recognize that the city setting is a strong contributor to the color scheme of gray and brown, which in turn creates the gloomy mood. The litter and dust of the city also help create this dark mood.

What is elephant cruelty?

Every elephant used for tourism is subjected to a brutal training process known as “the crush”. To break their spirit, they are torn from their mothers, isolated, chained, starved and beaten until they are submissive for tourists. And the cruelty doesn’t stop there.