What language do Vietnamese teach?

What languages are taught in Vietnamese schools?

At present, English, Russian, Japanese, French and Chinese are the first foreign languages taught in Vietnamese schools. The ministry is also piloting the teaching of Korean and German as first foreign languages.

What language is taught in Vietnam?

Vietnamese language

Language family Austroasiatic Vietic Viet–Muong Vietnamese
Early forms Viet–Muong Old Vietnamese Middle Vietnamese
Writing system Latin (Vietnamese alphabet) Vietnamese Braille Chữ Nôm (historic)
Official status

Is English taught in Vietnamese schools?

English is mandatory in primary schools in Vietnam, though people begin learning at different ages in different parts of the country. All students have to learn it, but unless they receive extra tuition—or are exceptionally talented—few can speak it fluently.

Is French taught in Vietnamese schools?

Dialect characteristics

Despite these minor differences, the form of French taught at Vietnamese schools and colleges is that of standard French.

Is Russian taught in Vietnam?

When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, Vietnam found itself with a surplus of Soviet-trained professors and a sudden lack of opportunities for Russian trained students; as a result the language is barely taught in Vietnam today.

Is Chinese taught in Vietnam?

There are Chinese language courses in many schools across Vietnam, just as in the West or any other country that has recognized the need for L2 Chinese speakers. But if you are asking about education in the old Nôm script as part of the mandatory national curriculum, the answer is no.

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Do people in Vietnam learn Chinese?

According to the director, more and more Vietnamese students are studying Chinese because many people speak the language, which offers them a wide range of opportunities to make connections and eventually make life better.

Is English widely spoken in Vietnam?

Although English is popularly used and taught, it has not been another official language in Vietnam yet. Therefore, Vietnamese people will speak Vietnamese rather than speak English to each other. English is used only when there are foreigners in the organization.

Are Vietnamese people good at English?

Thankfully then, English proficiency in the main cities of Vietnam is actually quite decent according to people who visit there, much better than other countries in the region like Thailand. … The proficiency of the English may vary though, with some quite fluent but some only restricted to a few basic words.