What was the capital of the Khmer empire?

What was the last capital of Khmer Empire?

Khmer Empire

Khmer Empire ចក្រភពខ្មែរ
Capital Mahendraparvata (early 9th cent.) Hariharalaya (9th cent.) Koh Ker (928–944) Yasodharapura (Angkor) (late 9th to early 15th cent.)
Common languages Old Khmer Sanskrit
Religion Hinduism Mahayana Buddhism Theravada Buddhism
Government Divine, absolute monarchy

Where did the Khmer establish their capital?

Mahendraparvata is thought to have been the first capital city of the Khmer Empire, which dominated much of South-East Asia from the 9th to the 15th centuries. Cambodians have always lived in the Phnom Kulen area where the remains of the city are, but archaeologists couldn’t map it due to dense forest.

Where is Cambodia capital located?

What was the main religion of the Khmer empire?

When the Khmer Empire came to power in the ninth century AD, Hinduism was the official religion. It had been the case in that part of the world for generations. Rulers of the great empire worshipped Hindu gods such as Vishnu and Shiva, and dedicated the 12th-century temple of Angkor Wat to these beliefs.

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