What were the conditions like in the Thai Burma Railway?

What conditions did the prisoners of war live in during working on the railway?

Consequently, the prisoners were malnourished, dehydrated, and predisposed to illness. These factors, compounded by the unsanitary conditions in the work camps and the tropical environment, meant that disease was rampant. Dysentery and diarrhea were responsible for more than one-third of all deaths on the railway.

What were conditions like in POW camps?

Forced to carry out slave labour on a starvation diet and in a hostile environment, many died of malnutrition or disease. Sadistic punishments were handed out for the most minor breach of camp rules. Most prisoners of war (POWs) existed on a very poor diet of rice and vegetables, which led to severe malnutrition.

What hardships did the POWs experience during the building of the Thai Burma Railway?

Malaria, cholera and amoebic dysentery became rife in the camp. Forced to work day and night to finish the railway, and given tiny amounts of food, the men became severely ill. One-fifth of all the prisoners of war on the railway died.

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What was life like in a German POW camp?

Cold and Hungry. The overall experience of life in a prison camp was low level, persistent discomfort. This went well beyond the loss of freedom. Germany’s resources were limited and prisoners of war weren’t high priority recipients of such scarce resources.

What was the worst POW camp?

The Midnight Massacre is remembered for being “the worst massacre at a POW camp in U.S. history” and represented the largest killing of enemy prisoners in the United States during World War II. A museum was opened at Camp Salina in 2016.

Utah prisoner of war massacre
Injured 19
Perpetrator Clarence V. Bertucci

What did POWs eat?

The single key factor in POW survival was neither the guards nor the climate: The German POW diet was based on potatoes, while the Japanese was based on rice. Rice is great stuff – if you know how to use it.

What was the worst prisoner of war camp?

A soldiers’ cemetery near the camp holds at least 1,430 dead Soviet POWs, who were treated much worse than soldiers of other nations.

Stalag IX-B
Coordinates 50.21009°N 9.39789°E
Type Prisoner-of-war camp
Site information
Controlled by Nazi Germany

How many people died building the Thai Burma Railway?

The construction of the 420-kilometre railway between Ban Pong in Thailand and Thanbyuzayat in Burma led to the deaths of 2,700 Australians, and more than 12,000 Allied soldiers.

What was being a POW like?

The experience of capture could be humiliating. Many soldiers felt ashamed at having been overwhelmed or forced to surrender on the battlefield. It could also be traumatic. Airmen who had been shot down were hunted down in enemy territory after surviving a crash in which friends might have been killed.

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